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Welcome to RON

Welcome to RON, which is yet another portal site for the RISC OS computing platform. If you're unsure of RISC OS, then take a look at the 'What is RISC OS?' section below. There's a great deal of RISC OS-related resources available online, from software and hardware dealers, to news sites and forums. It's all there, so take a quick scan through the number of RISC OS related links below you.



What is RISC OS?

RISC OS is the beautiful operating system originaly developed by Acorn Computers Ltd. from the mid 1980s up until late 1998 when they left the desktop computing market to work solely on Set-Top boxes. RISC OS is now developed by RISC OS Ltd., Castle Technology and soon many others due to the open-sourcing of RISC OS. Many companies have developed native RISC OS computers but only three are still trading, Castle Technology, RiscStation and the brand new Advantage Six. Many companies are developing and selling PCs with Virtual RiscPC installed so you get two Operating Systems in one!

The market since then has decreased a lot but a nice, friendly community of a few thousand people from around the globe still exists, some may argue that RISC OS is better than ever with the recently released RISC OS 6, the very nice RISC OS 4 and the quite fast RISC OS 5.

Many features of RISC OS have been used in many other Operating Systems such as Windows and Mac OS, one of the best things about RISC OS is that it's virus free (except for some really old viruses that may be lurking on some old hard disc somewhere) and that you can safely rome the web on our constantly developed free and commercial web browsers. You can no longer get anti-virus software for RISC OS as it is no longer needed although some anti-virus software are supplied with some versions of RISC OS.

The hottest native RISC OS machine currently available must be the extremely tiny and insanely light A9Home from Advantage Six!

If your new to RISC OS, it might be worth you popping along to a RISC OS show or user group, there are many to choose from, most people are in distance of at least one. A list can be found here

There's thousands of software available for RISC OS, entertainment, work, whatever is your needs!

There are many companies still developing products for RISC OS and making a living out of it! (So, there market is not in a extremely bad state) A list can be found here.

There's lots more information about RISC OS and the history of it available from here.


We are constantly searching for people to update the RONews, so if you have an article, review or some news, send it in! If your a regular contributor, we might even consider making you an admin!